Lesson 2


blackboard-1000-week-01Hey, there! Welcome to Lesson 2 of my 3-Lesson “Make a Freaking Assload of Money on Cam in a Week” crash course. This lesson is really awesome, because I’m gonna teach you exactly how to seduce your viewers into tipping and buying shows. When you know how to do that, the tokens will rain down on you like nobody’s business! It’s time to unlock the juicy money-making secrets that elite models have been using to make megabucks on cam for ages! Let’s get straight to it, cuz time is precious!


As I mentioned in Lesson 1, these tactics work best on Chaturbate, so please get your account registered and approved now, if you haven’t yet. Hopefully you’ve taken some time to get acquainted with how that site works, so that you can have an easier time applying the methods I’m about to teach you. You probably haven’t made much money on cam yet, but that’s about to change!


To Seduce is To Conquer

Okay, successful webcam modeling is basically about effective seduction. When a model can do this well, he or she can really make serious bank. The seduction process in a chat room has 3 main stages — engagement, flirtation, and, ultimately, provocation. Let’s deal with the first two stages now, then in Lesson 3, I’ll give you the 411 on how to use provocation to really bring in the major cash!

Art of Seduction

Oh, by the way, I just want to point out something fairly obvious…you can only seduce viewers if they’re actually present in your chat room. If you find that your room is too empty, simply get naked in public chat for a while until it fills up to more decent levels. You shouldn’t stay naked for very long while people aren’t tipping, but it can be a very effective way to boost the number of viewers quickly. Keep that in mind and use it when you have to. Once your room count is up, initiate the first stage of seduction.


Time To Get Engaged

blackboard-camming101-engageThe first stage of seduction is engagement, and it’s important that you understand how to do this right. Engaging your chat room audience effectively is all about connecting with them on a personal level. An essential element of this is talking — speaking out loud. Some models can get away with being quiet on cam, but most find that talking a lot is fantastically helpful in making the incredibly important connections with their viewers that eventually lead to serious tippage.

Remember, in Lesson 1, I explained that viewers generally tip only when they’ve gotten to know you a bit. The way you get to know somebody is to talk to them. Typing words in a chat doesn’t carry the same power that speaking audibly does, so you really should get your lips flapping as much as you can when you’re on cam.

If you’re not a natural talker, don’t worry…just practice a bit. I know soooo many shy models who can really gab it up on cam with no problem at all. It’s your domain, after all. Your chat room, your rules, your kingdom! Don’t be afraid…open your mouth and get yapping (remember, there’s nobody else actually in your presence…they’re all just names and words on a screen). Practice a bit and you’ll eventually be doing it like you were born for it!


But what do you talk about, you might be wondering? Well, you can talk about anything you want, really, but matters having to do with sexuality are generally better for our purposes. You might start asking questions to the room like “How many sex partners have you had?” or “What’s your naughtiest kink?” or “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually?” You can put the question in the room topic, or just ask it out loud frequently as you progress through the session.

Viewers will eventually start answering and you’ll then have an opportunity to engage them in conversation. Expand on the topic as much as possible, and try to develop the convo in as erotic a direction as you can (opening up about your own sexuality as much as you’re comfortable with). After a bit of engagement, you’ll soon notice that you’ve hooked a viewer or three (meaning, they appear to be into talking to you and seem like they might be looking for more). That’s when you escalate to flirtation.

Special Note For Chaturbate Models: The more Chaturbate members that “follow” you on the site, the bigger your room count will be when you go on cam to begin a broadcast. Every member who follows you will receive an automatic email notification that you’re online, which is an extremely powerful way to fill your room quickly at the start of a session. Always be urging viewers to follow you on Chaturbate, and experiment with different ways of incentivising/encouraging them to do so!


Are You Flirting With Me?

blackboard-camming101-flirtFlirting with your cam audience is a key part of the seduction matrix that you want to build in your chat room. You probably know how to flirt in person, and flirting on cam is actually quite similar. One of the most tried and true methods is mirroring. It’s a great tactic to use on people face to face, but it’s also surprisingly effective on cam. If you notice that a viewer you’re chatting with is using certain words often (like “awesome,” or “cool,” or whatever), then start to use them too. This sends a very powerful attraction signal that they’ll pickup subliminally.

Also, you should use body language heavily to send the message that you’re aroused and looking to get naughty. One of the best body language cues is to simply gaze into the camera in a lustful way. You know the kind of look I’m talking about…I like to call it the “Naughty Eye.” It can be quite effective in convincing viewers that you’re genuinely turned on.

Naughty Eye

There are lots of other body language cues you can use. If you’re a girl, you can do things like straightening your hair with both hands, tilting your head to one side with a cute expression on your face, and lightly brushing your shoulder or neck with one hand. If you’re a guy, you can lay back and rub your chest, lightly fondle yourself, or sit with one leg raised while you stare into the cam. With practice, you’d be surprised how effective these body language cues can be. This is all about basic sexual psychology…and it definitely works!

blackboard-camming101-bodylanguageAt some point during your flirtation routine, you’re likely to encounter a viewer who is obviously very into you. He or she will be complimenting you relentlessly, making a lot of small talk, and generally signaling that you’re the most awesome person on the planet. When you find one of these “lovesick puppies,” you should target them for some one-on-one flirting. Ramp up your body language cues and really try to get to know the person. Ask lots of personal questions about them, and then eventually get around to suggesting that a private show would be the best place to take the convo to the next level.

Private Messages

This brings me to the issue of “Private Messages,” and it’s extremely important that you listen carefully here. At Chaturbate, and other free cam sites, members have the option of messaging models directly, instead of having to chat with them publicly in the room with everybody else. Many members will “PM you,” as it’s called, and you may find that the number of private messages you receive becomes overwhelming. Most new models respond to this issue by turning off PMs, or allowing only those who have tipped the privilege of using private messaging. This is a MASSIVE mistake, and I need you to understand exactly why.

When you’re new, you have no fans to speak of. You have no regulars, you have no members who like you and are comfortable with you on a personal level, and you have no means of building the kind of bonds with viewers that can produce tippage and show buying down the road. Well, actually, you do have ONE very effective tool to use for this purpose, and it’s called Private Messaging. Yes, PMs can help you build critical relationships with members that will get them interested in actually spending money on you eventually.

When you and a member are chatting privately, it allows for much more intimate conversations than are possible in free chat. He might want to talk about his fetishes, or his personal sex life, or he might want to ask you questions you wouldn’t want to answer publicly. This process of bond-building that PMs allow is absolutely essential to the cultivation of regulars, which should be your top priority as a new model.

Now, the unfortunate reality is that most members who PM you will never spend tokens on you. They’re mostly freeloaders who are just looking for some naughty chat, or maybe they find that they don’t connect with you in the way they hoped they would and decide to move on to another model. Some of the members you chat privately with, however, WILL establish a strong bond with you and WILL eventually take you private and lay deliciously large tips on you. It’s these precious souls who you’re doing all the PMing for…and they are DEFINITELY worth every second you spend on it!

As you get some experience, you’ll learn how to smell the freeloaders a mile away, and you’ll be able to prioritize PM attention for those who seriously want to get to know you. It’s important, though, that you not charge even a token for PM privileges. Doing so will dissuade the vast majority of members from attempting to PM you because there are always plenty of other models they can try who have their private messages open. When you finally build up a sturdy band of regulars, you can then require a small tip for PM access, but doing this while you’re still new will most likely snuff out your fledgling camming career in its crib.


Setting The Mood

Creating an erotic atmosphere in your room is essential to successful cam flirtation, and one of the best ways to do that is by using appropriate background music. You should create a playlist of downbeat, sensual music and let it play while you work your flirt game. Music is known to be extremely important to the process of seduction…it actually changes brainwaves and makes people more likely to become aroused.

Erotic Atmosphere

But different types of music have different effects on the human mind. This easy-listening music you will use for your mood setting will promote relaxation, engagement, and bond-building. In the next and final lesson, I’ll be showing you how to use “power rock” to provoke viewers into impulsively tipping and buying shows like crazy. You’re not gonna want to miss Lesson 3…it’s the one that could make you more money than you ever thought possible!

Stay tuned…


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