Lesson 3


blackboard-1000-week-01Hey, welcome to the final lesson of my “Make a Freaking Assload of Money On Cam In A Week” crash course! This is the lesson that will show you exactly how to push your cam viewers into “buy mode!” Here, we’ll be dealing heavily with sexual psychology and the ways to make it work for you. By the end of this lesson, you will know precisely how to provoke serious tipping and get your horny audience to start buying shows. What you discover today could make you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of your career, so pay close attention. In case you haven’t yet, please register your model account with Chaturbate here. Cool…let’s get started!


Okay, in the previous lesson, we talked about how important it is to engage and flirt with your room as part of the process of building what I call the “Seduction Matrix.” After plenty of engagement and flirtation, you should now be ready for the third stage of cam seduction — provocation. You’ve been playing lots of sensual mood music in the background, you’ve been using sexual body language, you’ve been chatting up and getting to know your viewers. It’s time, now, to seriously push their arousal buttons and encourage them to start tipping. For this purpose, there is no more powerful tool than the mighty “Cam Dance.”


Time To Boogie Down

For you to understand exactly why the cam dance works so well in provoking tips and show buys, it’s necessary to briefly go over the psychological forces at work behind the Seduction Matrix. First of all, as I touched on in Lesson 1, familiarity is generally necessary before any serious tipping can begin in a chat room. The same goes for the buying of private shows. People just don’t like handing money over to somebody they don’t know (even a hot model). The process of engagement and flirtation that you, as a model, will effectuate in order to be able to successfully provoke the spending of money is about creating this familiarity (and friendly bond) in the mind of your cam viewers. So, if you’ve done this right, by the time you’ve arrived at the stage of provocation, they should be prepared to release the tokens.

blackboard-camming101-camdanceHowever, viewers being “prepared” to spend money on you doesn’t mean they WILL spend money on you! All it means is that they’ve finally got their fingers on the trigger…but you still have to convince them to pull it. The way this is done is by jacking up their arousal levels to the point where they can no longer resist temptation — which causes them to finally spend some tokens. The “Cam Dance” is ideal for this purpose, since it uses the powerful combination of erotic visual stimulation and sexually charged music. I’ve personally witnessed the cam dance work wonders many, many times. Dozens of models have tested various different songs for cam dances under my supervision, and it has become clear that the most effective musical genre to use is “power rock.”

As I discuss more deeply in my Uber Cam Star course, the classic power rock tunes from the 80’s have an especially compelling effect on the aroused male mind. There’s just something about those power chord riffs that seem to send guys right over the edge and make it nearly impossible for them to hold back their tokens. It can work in much the same way with females, actually.

Cam Dance

The Cam Dance is a very straightforward thing to pull off, so don’t worry if you don’t have any dance experience. All that’s necessary is that you move your body in sensual ways to music. You don’t need to be a stripper, you don’t need a pole, and you don’t need to look professional at all. In fact, as I mentioned in a previous lesson, looking like a pro can actually work against you here. You simply need to come off like a sexually aroused amateur having some fun putting on a hot little tease show for your chat room. That’s all.


Wax On, Wax Off, Daniel San

Wax On, Wax Off

I always advise models to practice, practice, practice when it comes to perfecting their cam dances. Not so much because you need to look perfect, but just because the practice will help you feel more at ease and confident as you dance on live cam. That confidence will show through to your audience, and they will definitely respond (confidence is probably the most attractive quality anybody can have, on cam or off). A great way to practice is to just turn on your cam while offline and watch yourself getting your boogie on. Experiment and see what kind of hot moves you’re capable of. After you’ve got a few nailed down, go on live cam and try them out!

blackboard-camming101-powerLike most models I teach, I think you’ll love the cam dance more than any other thing you do while broadcasting. Many of them report that it’s one of the most awesome feelings in the world…to know that you can push people’s buttons like that and get them to spend loads of moolah on you. Now, remember, song selection is key to pulling cam dances off successfully. You should concentrate on using those tried and true power rock tracks from the 80’s because most viewers have already eroticized those well-known songs, but any piece of music that contains strong power chord riffs can be effective. By the way, if you don’t know what a “power chord riff” is, think of just about any song Guns N Roses has ever recorded. It’s when the guitar gets hopped up on roids and produces some major ear candy goodness.


Cracking The Token Dam

Okay, now that you know how the cam dance works, let’s just quickly go over how exactly you should use it to get tons of tokens thrown at you. After your room has been adequately warmed up with lots of engagement and flirtation, you should then escalate things and perform a cam dance. Set the room topic to something like “Tip X Tokens for Song Request” so that you can make it interactive. If somebody tips for a particular song, that’s great…load it up and dance to it. Otherwise, just dance to the “power rock” tunes I recommended above.

Power Rock

After a couple songs, you’ll most likely notice that several viewers are highly aroused and on the verge of tipping (judging from their activity in chat). At that point, you can launch provocative comments at them and encourage them to take you private for the real naughtiness. Flash the “Naughty Eye” as often as you can and just really try to project extreme sexual tension as you dance.

Generally, you should be dressed in skimpy attire during your dances…showing just enough skin to tease effectively, but holding enough back to encourage tipping. When somebody does tip, you can begin to disrobe. As long as people keep tipping, stay naked. When too much time has passed without a tip, it’s time to cover back up.

Doing cam dances to the right music will usually get you some excellent tips or private shows, but you will typically need to have several members present in the room in order for them to work well. If there’s only one or two paying members in your audience, wait until you can get the room count up to a few or more before you begin your boogie. Don’t forget that temporary nakedness is the best way to boost room count.

Rock On

Also, you should remember that the Cam Dance is a tool to be used for stimulating tips, not something that you should attempt to sell. Many models make the mistake of trying to sell cam dances for tokens, but that’s doing things entirely backwards. Sure, you can allow viewers to tip for a song request once you’ve already begun dancing (as I mentioned above), but you don’t need to wait for people to tip in order to begin the provocation process. Cam dances will CAUSE tipping to occur by stimulating extreme arousal. Use it for that purpose.


Boiling It All Down

So, to sum up — every time you start a new camming session, you should begin the process of building the Seduction Matrix in your chat room:

  • Begin by getting the room count up (you may need to stay naked in public chat for a while to attract viewers).
  • Then, start engaging your audience using the tactics laid out in Lesson 2.
  • Flirt with your viewers, for a while, and get them warm and runny for more.
  • When the time is right, escalate to the provocation stage by using the Cam Dance to drive impulsive decisions to spend tokens on tips and shows.
  • Try to go on cam at around the same time every day and get close to your loyal viewers so that they become regulars. Wash, rinse, repeat and make a whole lot of cash!

blackboard-camming101-rockthecamThat’s about it for this crash course. You should now possess the knowledge necessary to pull in some seriously major tokens camming your first week. Remember, most of the money will come in the last few days, so stick to it and keep going (in some cases, it may take a few weeks or more to see serious earnings). Over the long run, you could make A LOT of coin in webcam modeling, if you stay consistent and keep building up regulars. There is SO much more I could teach you about maximizing your webcam modeling revenues (you literally have no idea the different things you can do, as a model, to make vast sums of money online).

I know models who are absolutely living the dream, and you better believe that YOU can do it too! They’re working when they want, setting their own schedules, going for lattes and Pokemon hunts whenever they feel like it, and just generally living their lives in FREEDOM. They’ve got great money coming in, they shop like freaking crazy, they go on tropical vacations and document it all on Instagram for the world to see, and they’re in complete control of their destinies! This is called the “Camming Lifestyle,” and you deserve to have it every bit as much as they do!

Trust me, if you learn the right tricks, stay consistent, and give it a good hard try, you’ll be capable of reaching that same level of success. You will do for yourself what you know you should have been doing all along — building a REAL future!

Camming Freedom

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