Lesson 1


Hey, there! I’m Buttler and I’d like to welcome you to my super concise “Make a Freaking Assload of Money on Cam in a Week” crash course. This course is made up of 3 easy-to-apply lessons that you can read and absorb in a short amount of time. You’ll get a new lesson in your email each day for the next couple days, so be sure to check your inbox daily (and check your Spam/Junk folders too, just in case)!

blackboard-1000-week-01I’m not gonna waste your time with a lot of bluster about who I am, and all that, but you should know that I possess a true goldmine worth of knowledge about how to make serious money in the camming biz. If you listen carefully to the instructions I’m about to share, you should be more than capable of making thousands of dollars per month (and even more after you build up some experience). 3 days, 3 short lessons, leading to a potentially life-changing income in the camming industry. Sound good?


Okay, I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to it. First of all, these instructions work best for models who cam at Chaturbate, so if you don’t yet have a broadcasting account there, please signup here now. Whether you’re male or female, Chaturbate is the best site to begin camming on, by far. Also, I’ve included a list of webcam modeling terms and definitions over in the right-hand column that you can reference, just in case you’re not yet up-to-speed on all the industry jargon!


Avoiding The Dreaded NWP

Don't succumb to the Newbie Washout Phenomenon!The first thing you need to know about webcam modeling is that you will make almost no money your first couple days. The reason for this is that cam viewers only start tipping (giving “tokens” to models) after they’ve gotten to know you a bit first. Nobody likes to give money to strangers (this is true in all areas of life), and it’s certainly the case in the camming biz. Once viewers have become familiar with you, and you’ve grown on them a bit, the tippy goodness will begin to flow. Following my instructions, you should see your tips pickup dramatically in the 3rd and 4th day camming. The vast majority of your first week’s revenue will be earned in the last 3 days!

Many beginner models make the huge mistake of believing that the “token starvation” they experience early on means that they’re not cut out for this business — and they end up quitting after only a few sessions (I call this the “Newbie Washout Phenomenon“). Nothing could be further from the truth! As I alluded to above, successful webcam modeling is all about “relationship marketing,” meaning that you will be making most of your money off of viewers who you’ve developed friendly relationships with, not viewers who just pop in looking for a quick flash of a boob or buttcheek. This takes a little bit of time. Down the road, you will develop “regulars,” which is how the real money is made in this business.

No Quitting

Regulars are viewers who’ve become quite fond of you and end up coming back frequently to watch you cam. They’ll talk, they’ll tip, they’ll take you private…they’ll just be awesome to you in every conceivable way. But these viewers have to be cultivated. You have to form relationships of trust with them before they begin showing you the token love. Further on in this course, you will learn exactly how to do this, so stay tuned! For now, though, realize that your first few sessions will be rough token-wise because you’re new and unknown — WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T QUIT!! In the second half of your first week, all of that will begin to change BIG!


Getting Ready To Begin

Okay, now let’s get you ready to go on cam for the first time. These first few sessions will be all about getting comfortable, learning how things work, and preparing yourself to apply the money-making tactics I’ll be teaching you in future lessons. To begin, you’ll need to get some decent lighting setup to properly illuminate your “camming space” (the physical area you occupy while broadcasting). Usually, all you need is a lamp or two with the shades off. Ideally, you would have one lamp on either side of the webcam, placed just behind the cam. If you only have one lamp, pick a side to position it and try to make it work with the ambient light in the room. Experiment a little and see which position results in the best quality of illumination for your specific camming space.

18633_BLOGJPG_35316172EH4068031Try to keep your camming space looking fresh and interesting. Remember, as a webcam model, you’ll be putting on a “show” for cam site viewers, so you want to give them plenty of interesting things to look at. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to put on a Broadway play — it just means you shouldn’t be camming in front of a wall so bare and boring that you look like you’re being held hostage in Afghanistan. If you’re in a dorm room, set yourself up so that all your books, and your posters, and your dirty laundry are all visible in the background. If you’re in the living room, make sure people can see your awesome flat-screen, and your coffee table, and whatever else you’ve got there. In other words, try to make your camming space send the message that you’re a real person, in a real environment.

Viewers love thinking that you’re just an adventure-seeking amateur looking to have a good time on cam…they definitely don’t want to think of you as some kind of professional performer. Indeed, you should try never to send out the “I’m a pro” vibe. (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional about camming..just that you shouldn’t come off to viewers like you are! Heheheee).

Also, one of the biggest boner killers in Camland is when a model looks like he or she is camming only for the money. As I mentioned before, viewers want to think of you as a webcam exhibitionist…an amateur sexual adventurer having a naughty time online. When you send out the vibe that you need money, you destroy that invaluable perception.

I don’t care if you’re about to be evicted, or your car’s in the shop, or you need your wisdom teeth out..NEVER let on that you’re financially motivated (even if it’s as true as the blue sky…lol). Well, actually, there are a few special circumstances when you can use financial desperation to your advantage, but that material is too advanced for this minicourse!


What’s in a Name?

The next thing you need to be concerned with when beginning your webcam modeling career is what exactly you’re going to call yourself. A good catchy model name can really help you build a strong, memorable brand over time. One of the easiest ways to select an awesome name is to use what I call the “dictionary method.” Simply open up a dictionary (or browse one online) and find a really cool word you like. I love the word “asinine,” for example. Don’t know why, it’s just a word that I always found to be totally awesome-sounding since I was a kid.

Once you decide on a word, combine it with a feminine word/name (if you’re female) or a masculine word/name (if you’re male). A female model might combine the word “kitty” with “asinine” and end up with the name “Asinine Kitty.” A male model might combine the name “rocky” with “asinine” and end up with “Rocky Asinine.” You get the idea. Just try to select a name that accurately reflects your style and persona (for example, if you’re a sweet girl-next-door type, don’t pick a name like “Pussy Wretched” — LMAO).

Original Catchy Name

Having a cool and original model name will serve you well for the entire extent of your career because it will serve as the bedrock of your camming brand. There are soooo many things you can do to take your revenues to HUGE levels with a great brand, but that’s more advanced territory not suitable for this course. For now, just invest a bit of time on this and come up with something special that will catch people’s attention.


Am I Boring You??

blackboard-camming101-smilingAnother very important thing to remember as you’re getting the hang of camming is that you should never allow yourself to look bored or uninterested while on cam. Remember, viewers want to believe that you’re a sexually adventurous exhibitionist who’s camming because it really turns you on. Looking bored sends the opposite signal. I know several camgirls who like to frequently check their phones while they’re camming, especially during times when not much is going on in their rooms. I’ve seen this happen so much that, believe it or not, I now have a fetish for hot girls checking their phones! Yep, I shit you not. But you should never rely on cam viewers being as strange and pervy as yours truly. Try to avoid doing anything like this while broadcasting, and be conscious of how you’re coming off to viewers at all times.


Staying Sunny

One of the easiest ways to send out an “I really want to be here” type of vibe is to simply smile. Smiling has actually been shown to dramatically improve the way people see you. It’s so simple, there’s no way in the world it should work as well as it does, but it’s been proven by actual research. I realize that nobody can keep a smile plastered on their face permanently (well, except maybe flight attendants), but you should definitely try your best to flash one every time you can remember to.

Stay Sunny

Also, on the issue of boredom, you should know that there are ways to minimize this phenomenon quite substantially. Boredom while camming is really a consequence of not running your room properly. Models who know how to engage, flirt with, and seduce their viewers rarely ever get bored. I’ll be teaching you some of the best methods in the next lesson, so stay tuned!


Improving Your Regularity

blackboard-camming101-regularsOne of the best ways to attract “regulars” who will tip you freely and often is to keep to a steady, consistent camming schedule. The reason for this is that viewers generally have periods of their day during which they like to watch cam models. One guy might like to log on to his fav cam site during his lunch break. Another guy might like to log on after he gets home from work. A third viewer might like to watch as she’s getting ready to turn in at night. If you, as a model, go on cam one day at 3pm, then the next day at 7am, then the next day at 10pm, then don’t cam again for like a month and start broadcasting at 3 in the morning when you finally do come back, it’s going to be impossible for anyone to catch you on cam.

So if, for example, you made an impression with a few viewers during a previous camming session, they might not be able to find you again because you’re not on when they are. By the time they finally do see you online again, they may have already lost interest and gone on to their next model crush. You will have lost a critical opportunity to cultivate the kind of loyal and devoted fans that could make camming extremely lucrative for you! Try your best to go on cam at the same time every day — and don’t take long breaks from camming!

Regularity Improvement

Okay, that’s about it for Lesson 1. You’re doing great! Now, I just want you to get on Chaturbate and explore. Try your best to get a feel for how the site works. Watch some models do their thing, investigate the chat room apps, then take the plunge and start your first broadcasting session. Remember, don’t expect to make a dime right now — that’s not gonna happen at this stage. What you need to do is get the hang of things.

Next lesson is when you’ll be discovering exactly how to turn your chat room into a token orgy through the art of tease and seduction. Once you get a firm grounding on that topic, you’ll be well on your way to hauling in up to $1,000 within the next 7 days. Be sure to check your inbox for that tomorrow!

Also, if you like what you’ve seen in this free course so far, then you’ll LOVE my premium Uber Cam Star Course. Get yourself a copy now if you’d like to jump ahead to all the super juicy advanced tactics the pro models use!

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